Experience Weeks

The opportunities for undertakings and sports activities on Brac are extremely diverse.

Having fun in the cool water is surly one of the main attractions on a Mediterranean island.

The beautiful bays of Brać invite for relaxed swimming, but also friends of scuba diving will not fall short of their expectations.

Through our cooperation with a local diving school we have the opportunity to provide great conditions for our guests and we are able to organize diving weeks regularly.

This can be used by our guests to take on the opportunity and undergo a diving exam and obtain a scuba diving certification.

Many trails and paths on Brac with its beautiful views invite to bike and hiking tours throughout the isle. Enjoy the nature and its environment while discovering many beautiful places on Brac.

Numerous restaurants invite to restful breaks and refreshments.

In the future you will also have the opportunity to borrow bicycles for your excursions.

Sailing enjoys great popularity on Brać.

You can charter a boat and discover the island from the sea.

Of course, we can also help our guests with the needed organization.

We also offer traditional Austrian bread and pastries to harbor based sailors.

For the brave among us there is the opportunity to go climbing, zip lining, kayaking and caving. And here we also do organize adventure weeks which include many of these activities.

Highlight: Gourmet Weeks 

Another highlight will be our gourmet weeks.

During these weeks you have the opportunity to explore the island and help local farmers with the olive harvest. But do not worry, the effort will surly be rewarded, since you will be able to squeeze your own olive oil from the harvested olives, which certainly makes a nice and extraordinary gift for your family and friends.